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hi there! i'm tanya

Hi There! I'm Tanya

A wife, baker, entrepreneur, curator, make-up artist, daughter, mother of dogs, and a lover of everything sweet. For twenty years, I pursued a dream. That dream wasn’t to star in Bollywood. It wasn’t to front a rock band. It wasn’t to grace the silver screen. It wasn’t to cure cancer. It wasn’t to walk on the moon or lead a nation. I wanted to invent a brand that enabled me to run. 


From the first time I smelled some vanilla extract, I was hooked. Baking had always been my little safe haven and being able to nibble on some cookies whenever I wanted was an added pro. However, I would've never thought I could make a career out of it.

In those rare moments when I'm not baking, I love to paint, dance, play with my dogs, or go on a vacation in different parts of the world. 

Here on my website, you'll find a little bit of everything I am passionate about. I hope you'll find something to stick around!


With passion, innovation comes naturally! When you are determined, focused, and committed, quality and efficiency are inevitable. Positioning our products as gourmet with healthy decadent ingredients is a sight to behold. For the most part, there's nothing guilty about them if you're splurging occasionally, the concept seems to say, you ought to really treat yourself. “But if you're making an exception to have a sweet treat, why settle for something like a cupcake when you can have something specially made just for you?

People are done accepting run-of-the-mill food. Now they are willing to splurge to be treated well. That's the whole thing. 


Tanya and her team are masters of visually appealing miniature eats, and the signature hors d’oeuvres pop up time after time at the chicest events when only the best will do. She is credited by many as having invented the concept of the mini dessert in her city and has managed to surprise and delight people with her novel recipes!

For nearly a decade, Tanya dreamt of opening a patisserie in the city of joy. After over two years of looking for the perfect site, she finally decided to open a cloud kitchen right next to her home in Alipore. This decision worked out to be a win-win for her as she could attend to both her office and studio requirements without feeling guilty.

Now, the brand BonnTonn, the original maker of sea-salted brookies, is the only patisserie in the city to have over 50 desserts on the menu. 

Tanya takes all her product offerings seriously! She uses the best quality chocolate, combines them with 100% real butter and all-natural nuts. So you can imagine why this classic is always in high demand! 

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